An information creation engine enables organisations to instantly create taxononmies, ontoglogies and reseach information.

AI powered taxonomy creation tool

Big-data and artificial intelligence combined


Big-data and artificial intelligence combined

Built by a multi-national team of PhD data scientists we provide over 11 billion items of linked information allowing you to super-power your information creation project. You can create complex bespoke data instantly or choose from pre-built taxonomies

Metadata, document classification or reseach data

You can build complex multi-lingual hierarchical taxonomies for metadata tagging, create classification schemes or build detailed reseach infromation instantly. can also analyse a sample of your doucments and suggest suitable taxonomies or create a bespoke taxonomy based on the information in your documents

Build taxonomies using billions of RDF triples
Create metadata taxonomies for tagging or document classification


Simple to use, powerful results

Cloud based, nothing to install or configure. No need to spend months on running workshops to create taxonomies or to purchase an off the shelf schema. Significantly reduce the time of your project and increse the accuray of your metadata